For your convenience direct billing is available to most major

insurance companies and credit card (Visa and MC) accepted via

the Square Reader.

90 minute massage                          $130

60 minute massage                           $95

45 minute massage                           $75

30 minute massage                           $55

90 minute hot stone massage           $140

60 minute hot stone massage           $105


Doula Packages


A free consultation is included with every doula package. A consultation usually consists of a short meeting where you can ask questions about me, my background/education, my services, and most importantly discuss your goals for your birth. 

Basic Package: 


$ 600


  • 1 prenatal visit

  • labour and delivery support

  • 2 postpartum visits (1st within 2 days of delivery and 2nd within 2 weeks of delivery)

  • 24/7 on-call phone support 2 weeks before due date to 2 weeks following the birth

Full Package:




  • 2 prenatal visits

  • labour and delivery support

  • 3 postpartum visits (1st within 2 days of delivery, 2nd within 2 weeks of delivery and 3rd to be decided upon)

  • 24/7 on-call phone support 2 weeks before due date to 2 weeks following the birth

Add ons:


4x1 hour massages (to be used pre-natally and up to 6 month post-partum)

(a savings of $60, receipts still provided for extended benefits)​

About Doula Fees:

How can I afford a Doula? Is there some flexibility with payments?

Professional Doula Support is not a luxury service. There are tangible and evidence-based benefits that last beyond the childbearing experience for families who hire Professional Birth Doulas. These benefits outweigh the cost! You can find out more here.

Payment plans are available and can be arranged upon request. If such an agreement isn't required, a 50% deposit is collected at the first prenatal visit and the balance is due at the last postpartum visit. Don’t let tight finances stand in the way of receiving Professional Birth Doula support. Consider asking your family and friends to gift you a Professional Birth Doula as a baby shower gift! 

Why do Professional Birth Doulas charge a fee?

Birth Doulas are professionals who maintain a membership with a professional Doula organization. They also have been trained and usually participate in ongoing educational opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills.  It is a profession with many costs associated in providing this service. For this reason, the Doula’s fee usually reflects her experience and training as well as the quality of the support received.

Is a Doula worth the money?

Absolutely YES! Having a baby is a major life event. Studies have shown that investing time and money to hire a Doula leads to better birth experiences. In the same way that we invest in a wedding, an anniversary celebration etc., it makes sense to invest in the upcoming birth of your child.

Foot massage on a baby